Mix Drink CC0

VODKA-MATE (Mate plus Vodka)

Probably one of the most popular combinations. The right fuel to kick off the party ... 40 ml Vodka, Club-Mate, Crushed ice.

MAX SEVEN (Mate-Gin)

The Gin possesses perhaps the aromatic spectrum that best exalts the Club-Mate taste. Absolutely to try! 40 ml Gin, Club-Mate, Crushed ice.

KIR-BERLIN o TURBOMATE (Mate-Sparkling Wine)

50% Club-Mate, 50% Sparkling Wine. Et voilá! Drink it, love it!!!

TSCHUNK (the Hacker cocktail)

Weigh together cubic lime and cane sugar. Add a sip of Cachaça, one of Rum. Finish with Club-Mate, crushed ice.

MILANO-MATE (Milano-Mate)

Add a shot of amaretto to Club-Mate and garnish with a slice of orange. 40 ml Amaretto, Club-Mate, Crushed ice + a slice of orange.

MATEY (Whisky-Mate)

40 ml Whiskey, Club-Mate, Crushed ice. The result is an aromatic and refreshing long drink.

MATEQUILA (Mate-Tequila)

Join the Club Mate bottle with an abundant shot of Tequila brunette. Enjoy a delicious flavor of cinnamon. 40 ml Tequila, Club-Mate, Crushed ice + cinnamon.

MATE-JÄGER (Mate-Jägermeister)

Combine an abundant Jägermeister shot at Mate's bottle to get a small alcohol kick, combined with the Club-Mate's "rip" effect. 40 ml Jägermeister, Club-Mate, Crushed ice.