It's late in the evening, I'm sitting at a bar, feeling done in and just about  to order something, when I see the new bottle in the hand of the barmaid. The bottle’s label says "Club-Mate" and "works miracles". Whatever, a miracle is just what I need now. Out of the corner of my eye I see a stunning woman entering the bar making small talking here and there and casually moving in my direction. And here I am, looking worn down. Not much of a sight, and really not me. A miracle must happen.

Club-Mate's what I need.

I'm hearing the rhythms of Brazil…

Club Mate is in front of me. I pour it and hav a sip - it's tastes great, different somehow!  The flavor keeps getting better as I drink - what's it called again - Club-Mate, an Ice-tea brewed with mate leaves. It tastes rich and tangy and has lots of stimulating ingredients. It's a national drink in Brasil. It’s alcohol free, but it has the right amount of caffeine.

It's no surprise, the guys in South America are always happy; the sun, samba and Copacabana, my foot. Speaking of sun - where's mine?

Sun in your heart, Club-Mate in your glass.

I can’t recall what exactly I said to her, but it can’t have been that bad - seeing how we ended up dancing for quite some time. I wonder, whether Club-Mate had something to do with it. I’m just saying: stimulating and invigorating - Brazil and the sun.

Club-Mate is a miracle come true.

She's still standing next to me and we're making easy conversation. Well, everything must end eventually. Only miracles last forever. It's late at night and I'm sitting at the bar, fit like a pro, enjoying the miracle. Out of the corner of my eye I see...Club-Mate... see you tomorrow!


What is Club-Mate?

The raw material we use for Club-Mate is derived from the Yerba-tea-plant native to South America.

Mate is the most important alkaloid (semi luxury) beverage in the southern and middle parts of South America. It has been enabling the native Indians to bear extreme hardships all the way back to ancient times, but also is appreciated by the immigrating Europeans.